A note from Connie, Strawberry Mtn’s retiring owner:
"I am formally announcing my retirement, effective June 1st! I love this industry so much that I have been involved with it since 1975 when I became a men’s hairstylist. Strawberry Mountain has undergone many changes. And now it is going through another one! Heather Cruse, hairstylist extraordinaire has purchased the salon and I couldn’t be more excited about it. She will put her brand on the business, opening as “Salon 78” and continue to provide the quality services to our great community that have been the trademark of the salon. We are closing the spa and remodeling it to be used for other purposes. We give our full support to our current massage therapists, Kelly Blanchard and Kim Ewers wherever they may relocate. Our community is so fortunate to have their quality services available. Becky Hamilton is now General Manager of my business and it couldn’t be in more capable hands! Norbert Skruch is now our Gym Manager and will continue to take excellent care of our gym members. I am blessed and thank the community for so many years of patronage. It’s been awesome!"

A note from Heather, Salon 78 owner:
"I'm so excited to be starting this new chapter of my career. Strawberry Mountain has been my second home for nearly eight years. I'm extremely thankful to have been given this opportunity. Cheers to a new era for the White Salmon salon industry."

A note from Becky, Strawberry Mtn General Manager:
"I am so happy for my good friend, Heather Cruse. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to take over and create many more years of success. I will always be grateful to Connie for creating a welcoming and happy workplace for me and trusting her business in my hands. I love being a part of Strawberry Mountain and look forward to being involved with the business’ continuing growth."

A note from Norbert, Strawberry Mtn Gym Manager:
" Changes… Changes happen every day, everywhere. Now change is happening here at Strawberry Mountain with the sale of the salon. I am excited for these changes and ALL parties involved, but mostly for Connie as she begins writing this newest chapter of retirement and wish her nothing but good fortune and happiness and lots of love from those around her during this transition. My position will not be affected by the salon sale. Enrollment and information inquiries will be changed. All gym traffic will be rerouted to the single door of the gym where there will be an intercom system that can be used for paging me during regular business hours. Please see our website and/or Facebook page for further details."

Thank you to all of our clients for your continued patronage.