Stand Up Tanning Booth
Hex II System allows for a 12 minute exposure time. With 360 degree bulbs makes for all-over even tan.
Must be 18 or older to use UV tanning services.
Single $5.50
10 Time Package $45.00
20 Time Package $65.00

*All prices subject to 7% WA Sales and 10% Federal Tan Tax.

You may purchase tans or tan packages online by clicking on the link below.  You will be required to be 18 years of age, fill out an intake form and waiver and bring proof of your purchase with you. New law:  No one under 18 years of allowed to use UV tanning services.

A note about tanning:  The sun creates 3 rays, UVA, UVB & UVC.  A tanning unit does not create UVC (the shortest and most dangerous ray held at bay by our Ozone layer) and also emits 50% of the UVB (burning) rays that the sun emits.  UVA tans the skin after exposure to UVB.  Overexposure can cause burning which may lead to premature aging and cancer.  Tan intelligently!  Start at the recommended session time and gradually increase time each session.  Do not tan sooner than every other day because the chemical process in your body does not complete for 48 hours and you may be adding a burn onto a tan that is not complete!  If you wait too long between sessions, you may have to start all over so until you reach your base tan, tan on a regular basis.  Some people can hold their base by tanning once or twice a week depending on their system.  Eye lids or towels do not protect your eyes!  Use goggles!  You can purchase your own here  or use the ones in the rooms.  The rays are coming from every direction so only goggles give the protection you need.  Without goggles, the rays can actually "weld" contacts to the eye so please understand the need for them.  Thank you and enjoy your tan!